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2016-01-05 13:11:35
I wasn't expecting that....


Setting realistic expectations.  We hear that phrase a lot in real estate.  In fact, most relationships between agents and clients become strained because one party's expectations were different than the other's. 

I've found a groundbreaking, revolutionary process that will just about eliminate any possible conflicts that arise during a real estate transaction.  Ready for it ...?  Ask each other questions so that expectations can be addressed right from the start!

Sounds silly, I know, but most buyers and sellers do not ask enough questions when hiring an agent.  They may see the agent's ads on bus benches, or see that an agent has their sign in front of another house in the neighborhood and decide to make the choice based on awareness.  Conversely, agents may be so excited to get a listing, or a new client, that they just jump right into 'the process'.  Some buyers and sellers want agents that answer their phone any time of day or night; while some agents have specific hours that they make themselves available.  Some agents live on email to communicate while some sellers may not have a computer.  Some agents have a team that will take over various aspects of a transaction and some buyers want to only work with the agent they hired.

So it's really quite simple.  Ask questions.  And when you think you've asked them all, ask the other party if they have any questions.  Through this back and forth, expectations will be addressed and both agent and client will be poised for a smooth and professional transaction.

If you, or someone you know, is looking to buy or sell real property in Woodland Hills, West Hills, Calabasas, Encino, Tarzana, Agoura Hills, Sherman Oaks, Studio City and other neighborhoods of the San Fernando and Conejo Valleys... Contact David today at (818) 489-3385 or email at David@DavidBeckerHomes.com.  Visit www.DavidBeckerHomes.com for all your real estate needs.

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2016-01-05 13:11:35
I wasn't expecting that....

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